Supporting Families

Anna’s Closet Donation to Children’s Hospital of Atlanta

Anna’s Closet donation to Nationwide Children’s in Columbus, Ohio

Anna’s Closet donation to Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, Texas

Anna’s Closet donation ready to ship!

Anna’s Closets

We provide age-appropriate gifts to teens and young adults fighting any cancer through the Anna’s Closet program. Our goal is simple: put a smile on the face of a teen going through cancer treatment. We received this note from a mom whose daughter was being treated for Ewing sarcoma:

…after they accessed her port, her nurse asked if she wanted to get anything out of the prize closet and she said no. But her nurse then brought in a box with purple bags in it and told her that one of the patient’s families had started a box for older kids. Her face lit up, and I know that you know how good it feels as a parent to see your daughter smile. I want you to know that an idea your Anna had made my daughter’s day a better one and when we were walking to our room she asked if she could choose something out of that box every time. Thank you for the smile.

As soon as the Foundation was formed, we began stocking “Anna’s Closet” at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas, where Anna was treated. With your support, Anna’s Closets can now be found in 22 different children’s hospitals in 11 states! With the help of a great team of volunteers, the “Today” piece of our mission touches many lives.

Anna’s Closet Locations

Warrior & Family Support

We are passionate about supporting warriors and families as they endure the long battle versus Ewing sarcoma. Through spirit-lifting, personalized packages and monetary assistance, we try to encourage warriors and families and share hope. Many local schools, clubs, and individuals have joined our cause and help with this part of our mission.

Cash, Ewing sarcoma warrior, receiving his personalized, spirit-lift package

Warrior Lexie receiving a new guitar & lessons while going through treatment

Ewing sarcoma warrior receiving an inspiring Float On pillow

Just what we like to see: Ewing sarcoma warrior, Carter’s smile

Today. Tomorrow. Until it’s gone.


The 1 Million 4 Anna Foundation sincerely appreciates the generous support of our mission for the past eight years (2012-2019). We have concluded our fundraising efforts and are in the process of determining final funding decisions. Stay tuned for those announcements in the first quarter of 2020. Thank you